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So You Think You Can Dance?!

August 6, 2014

High school sports eventually ended and the summer found me taking daily community assignments. Gasp! I ended up liking it more than I thought I ever would. Though my heart will never let me quit the world of sweaty athletes.

This was an assignment to photograph the two Orange County dancers (Jessica Richens, left, and Casey Askew) who had made it to the final eight on Fox’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance.' Since I wasn’t allowed to shoot the performances I was given a quick glimpse of the dazzling golden dressing rooms where I was to take a portrait of the two. According to the metadata attached to my photos there was only 28 seconds between my first frame and my last before I was out of there. The only other thing they wanted me to shoot was candids during interviews after the performances. So, I got to experience the show as an audience member. Definitely interesting to see how it all works and comes together for TV. (Photo by: Foster Snell/Orange County Register)

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