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Secret Japanese Village by Peter Lai

August 26, 2018 - Meet at a random gas station in the arts district of Los Angeles at 8:30am. Take photos of the group as they assemble, but don't give away the location. Once you're led up the stairs, and through the Japanese-themed doorway you may take as many photos as you want. 

The opportunity to photograph this colorful Japanese garden hidden away in Los Angeles came to me through Atlas Obscura. They put on these types of events throughout LA to bring cultural variety to people's lives. Fashion designer Pete Lai has spent years creating this secret world filled with dolls, kimonos, extravagant costumes, antiques, lanterns, and other objects have been organized into separate little rooms depicting Japanese culture.

I am working another event for Atlas Obscura at the end of the week. This one a tour through the Hollywood Hills Sculpture Garden!


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