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It has come to a point where this gallery represents a past life of mine. I no longer yearn for that top job at Sports Illustrated (although, if you need a sports shooter give me a call because they're still really fun!), but this is a gallery showcasing my photographic passions that started when I was a middle school student. It brings you through my time studying photojournalism at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and ends with a lot of Southern California sports while I was working on-staff at the Orange County Register. The sports arena was always a place where I could stand in the middle of the crowd of wild, screaming fans, and be a part of the chaos. My camera brought me into the locker room for pre-game speeches as well as post-game celebrations. I was on the sidelines listening to the coach call out one final play, and I was there when national records were broken. It allowed me to feel all the intense emotions without needing to spend my mornings in the gym. 

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