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Comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE)

A celestial event that won't be seen for another 6,800 years?? Count me in!

I found it during two sunrises a few weeks ago, but then put it aside for a bit (I guess I didn't fully understand its rarity). Then I had an idea! After doing some math and marking my telephoto lens so I could get the angles right I set out to create a perfect starburst without using Photoshop. The first two images are the imperfect result of that attempt. They are each an 8-image multiple exposure done in-camera. I tried again over the next few nights, but to be honest it was very straining on my eyes trying to track and accurately frame such a faint object. I eventually got out my wide angle and created the 26-photo panorama with the Milky Way showing off brilliantly!

26-photo panorama from Jawbone OHV Area in Mojave, California.

A little bit of fun in Photoshop :D


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