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Foster The Explorer

I'm very excited to share these creations with you.

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Hi! Thanks for taking a look at my work :)

I’m Foster, and I’m addicted to Oreos!

I’m also a desert-dwelling photojournalist and woodworker living out of a tiny tent trailer in the Mojave Desert while I renovate a short school bus to be my next full-time home and adventure mobile. The bus’ name is Mystic, and you can follow that journey on Instagram at, @themagicmysticbus

I don’t feel that I truly earned my title of Foster The Explorer until these last three summers which have been spent traveling the US to photograph the beautiful, joyful, and all-loving faces of those who call transformational music festivals their home. However, with festie season 2020 Corona-cancelled I’ve been joyfully bouncing between bus projects, building frames, maintaining the property, and, in general, living a rugged but peaceful life in nature away from all the current chaos. 

Speaking of Mother Nature, I care for her deeply. Enough to curtail my Oreo addiction for the health of our home. Prior to Covid restrictions I was four months into a new lifestyle aimed at refusing groceries that used plastic packaging. If anyone wants to talk plastic alternatives send me a message

and we'll chat!


Lastly, I love heavy bass/glitch hop/future funk/dubstep music so feel free to pass along your favorite wobbles!


Photo thanks to Amandala Photography

Stuff from the past: Canadian-born, raised in Texas, studied photojournalism at Rochester Institute of Technology, moved to paradise - aka Southern California - to work for a newspaper (The OC Register), and now I’ve found solace as a dirty hippie living a life of freedom in the desert! :P

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