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Tea Alchemy

“I’ve always loved the magical quality of color changes in nature. The color changing tea was a fun moment of alchemy. I wanted to see how vibrant I could get it so I combined butterfly pea flowers, blue lotus flowers, dried black currants, rose buds and fresh mint and let it steep until it got so dark it looked almost black! Then, over ice it was a beautiful deep blue that, with a little ✨magic✨, changed to a vibrant purple. It was beautiful!” - Sanam Azemoon

I’ve said this before, but the tea spaces at festivals provide a wonderful environment to step away from the chaos and sip delicious tea while engaging in deep conversations with new friends that normally wouldn’t transpire on the dance floor. On this occasion I stepped into the tea lounge at Lucidity Festival at the perfect moment to witness Sanam Azemoon's magical alchemy. 

Photos from Lucidity Festival 2023 at Live Oak Campground in Santa Barbara, California.

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