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8x12 Cholla Cactus Print on Metal + Custom Wood Frame

8x12 Cholla Cactus Print on Metal + Custom Wood Frame

The Cholla Cactus is one of the worst things you can fall victim to in the high desert. They may look fuzzy, but those sharp spike pods can pierce hiking boots, and compltetly ruin your afternoon.


What a marvelously vast Universe we are a part of! This 8x12 photograph is printed on metal thanks to Bay Photo out of Santa Cruz, California, and the frame is built by hand in the Mojave Desert before getting torched using the Japanese wood-burning technique, Shou Sugi Ban. Scraping away the char reveals beautiful grain patterns which are then emphasized and protected using 100% Pure Tung Oil. You can choose any photo from the entire site to be showcased in these frames, and the assembled frame and print will be shipped to you in eco-friendly packaging ready to hang on your wall. This combo is sure to bring a new mystical spark to your room!

  • Additional Info

    - Handcrafted in the Mojave Desert
    - High quality photo printed on metal  -glossy finish-

    - Shou Sugi Ban wood burning 

    - Sealed and protected with 100% pure Tung Oil

    - Each frame is unique and made custom to fit the print

    - Shipping to USA/Canada in eco-friendly packaging

    - Approx. dimensions: 8”x12” print = 12.5” x 16.5” x 0.5” with frame
    - Includes wall mounting hardware

  • **Outdoor Use*

    The frame is not only water-sealed, but it shines brilliantly in the sun! The metal print, however, is NOT good with direct sun exposure. Send me an email if you want to hang this outdoors. I can offer a more durable printing option for a fee of roughly $15 *size depending* (this will hopefully be a quick pull-down menu soon).

$250.00 Regular Price
$225.00Sale Price