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Sundown Music Festival

September 18, 2015

Another hot summer day and the blisters on my feet were proof. This was a festival I had pitched to the paper instead of them giving me the assignment, and it was right in town and relatively small, which was a nice change of pace from the 65,000 person HARD fest. 4 stages, 30 artists, a zip line, huge water slides, and about 15,000 people at a fenced off, security guarded spot at Huntington City Beach. Popular guest star of Orange Is The New Black and newly famous DJ Ruby Rose was supposed to take her turn on stage, but had to back out last-minute. I knew the crowd wouldn’t necessarily fulfill my optimal festival scenario, but it was a music festival on the beach! Which is unique in itself. Some things that were suboptimal: sand, 3:00pm deadline, and more sand. Sand and cameras do not mix. Thankfully, I was careful enough to not run into any issues. I finally got shooting around 12:30 and had to hustle to grab decent pictures I could submit for the print deadline. Granted, it started at 10am, but who goes to a music festival at 10am? After de-stressing with the AC in my car I allowed the temperatures to drop a little, and the dancers to get a little more drunk before heading out to what was a surprisingly great end to a hectic morning.


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