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Rave On Wheels Roller Disco

“Hug with your heart; smile like it’s a gift; laugh out loud so others laugh with you; play as much as possible; and tell your “critic” to shove it.”

September 26, 2015 - Want to photograph a Roller Disco Rave on Wheels? Absolutely! My roommate was skeptical when I adamantly told him I would strap on skates to go around shooting, but I knew it was the only way I was going to get the shots the event deserved. I will admit the derby skates took a minute to get used to compared to ice hockey skates, but it was certainly a fun way to work!

Hollywood’s iconic Circus Disco club was transformed into an Amsterdam-themed skating party with dancers ranging from seasoned regulars who had all the moves to newbies who could barely stand up. The event happens once a month with a different theme each time. 

I found my lenses searching for focus a lot in these low-light situations. So, manual focus to the rescue…maybe…it’s something I need to work on and practice. I ruined a lot of moments because of missed focus, but I would not complain about going back to try again! (Photos by: Foster Snell/Time Out Los Angeles)


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