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No Pants Subway Ride 2016 & 2019


January 10, 2016 - Time Out has acquired a reputation for sending me the absolute weirdest collection of assignments. Certainly weirder than anything the Register would send my way (or even publish). For years I had been hearing rumors of the No Pants Subway Ride in cities like New York and Chicago, but never had I witnessed the spectacle first-hand. Nor was I fully prepared the day I ventured to North Hollywood. I was, for one, wearing pants. After finding an awkward group of people standing outside the Metro station I joined them and got through small talk as I waited for the de-pantsing. Soon enough, one by one they dropped their trousers. Some more nervous than others, but everyone sporting their own individual style. I rode the Metro with a sea of bare legs to Union station, and I don’t think anyone was surprised when a dance party materialized. 

Gallery at Time Out LA:


It was my second year on assignment for Time Out Magazine to ride the LA Metro pantsless. Back in 2016, however, I wasn’t comfortable enough to drop my drawers and participate. This year was different! All of the self-discovery and self-worth that’s born from the music festival culture has brought me to a point of more comfort and less fear. Therefore, after finding the group of slightly nervous and equally chilly comrades I pulled my shorts down over my shoes to reveal my “Canada, eh?” boxer shorts that were definitely not designed for men’s features and hadn’t been worn since our college short shorts parties in Rochester.

Photographically I feel as though I made better images last time, but it’s a fun, quirky afternoon nonetheless. Following the event, instead of heading home I decided to be social and follow the crowd along Hollywood Boulevard to the bar with signs touting drink specials for pantsless people. When in civilization! :P


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