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I Am, The Track Guy

For whatever reason I became “the track guy” this past spring season. I was assigned to a total of 10 meets ranging from small dual-school meets to the California State Championships. I had been warned about the long treacherous afternoons under the sun, and they didn’t disappoint…but even with the deadlines and confusing schedules I was still loving the assignments. 

I quickly discovered that the track and field athletes in Orange County and LA County are some of the best in the country. Everywhere you look school records, state records, and even national records were getting trumped. That’s part of what made these meets so fun. Watching the best pole vaulters jump the height of a two story house is crazy!  This season also timed well with a new addition to my gear list: the infamous GoPro. It’s a great little toy that some say has passed it’s prime. For me, it’s been a camera I can stash in the sand pit for long jump, or on the landing mat for pole vault. I’ve had a few photos printed in the paper that were shot with the GoPro, and I’m excited to keep looking for cool ways to put it to use.  These are some of my favorite photos from track season. Enjoy!

(Photos by: Foster Snell/Orange County Register)


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