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Beautiful Wedding Moments

Adam & Jackie McCabe - two comedians destined to wed. That's right, I photographed a wedding. Well, I helped, which, honestly is right where I belong. I was shooting alongside the very talented celebrity portrait photographer Robyn Von Swank, and while I'm fairly certain I won't be calling myself a wedding photographer anytime soon, it was nice to find something that fits my style so well.

As the secondary shooter I was able to wander. Sure, I helped with lights and prep, but for the most part, I was the candid guy. This allowed me to find and capture moments Robyn couldn't, which is what I love to do! The sports photographer in me even suggested I set up a remote camera to capture the overall scene, which we did. Now, even I'll admit it was a bit overkill for a shot I could've just walked over to take, but it was a gorgeous view, and we got three different angles of the all-important first kiss. So, I think Robyn and I succeeded as a photo duo!


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