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Trading Neon Rainbows for Grunge Rock

October 24, 2015 - Beach Goth Music Festival

For one day I put aside my conventional music tastes and dove into something a little different. I later described Beach Goth as the grunge version of smaller electronic festivals that I usually attend with black clothing replacing the psychedelic rainbows I’m used to. I had never experienced surf rock until I moved to California, and here in Orange County I’ve hit the heart of the scene. Grunge rock, surf rock, and even some Swedish metal (to the tune of Ghost which I ended up liking a lot more than expected). As with any large event that surrounds Halloween, costumes and creative outfits filled the Santa Ana Observatory grounds and brought a festive vibe to the dingy scene. The Growlers, an Orange County staple, headlined the night sporting full skeleton attire.


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