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Candid Creatures

Ohhh they’re so cute! All manner of creatures are welcome here: Corgis gathering on the beach, kittens exploring the world for the first time, or a Blue Heron building a nest. I’ve found myself photographing the wonderful world of nature in all its forms, and it’s striking to see direct reflections of our own emotions through their eyes and unique personalities. It's those moments when we allow ourselves to feel with the creature that bring us closer to true interconnectedness among beings.

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Who doesn't like to spend quiet, crisp nights under the stars questioning their existence? Because I love them! And since moving out of an apartment and into a tiny camper in the desert I can report that those quiet nights have become exponentially more meaningful and rewarding. All of the photos below were made while listening to nothing but the sounds of the natural world, and they are all available for purchase as a stand alone print, with a black frame, or even on canvas. Any photo can also be printed on metal and placed in one of my handmade wooden frames (see "Custom Frames" tab above).